What Is An Oil Filter And Why Is It Important?

On most, if not all Jaguars, you would find an oil filter under the engine cover, next to the air filter intake. What's an oil filter, and what role does it play in maintaining the engine?

Let's find out!

What's an Oil Filter?

Filter inside

If you pop your Jaguar's hood and remove the plastic engine cover, you'll find something that looks like an upside down cup screwed into the engine near the air filter intake. That's the oil filter.

An oil filter is a soup can sized part that consists of a metal housing with a centrifugal pleated filter placed inside. It's situated between the oil pan and the engine, and its job is to filter the motor oil before it enters the engine. As long as your Jaguar's engine is running, the oil filter is constantly working to filter the oil that cycles through the engine.

Why is an Oil Filter Necessary?

The oil filter may be a small, disposable part, but it plays a huge role in keeping the engine in good shape. Even though motor oil stays in the engine, it gets dirty and sludgy over time. As the oil runs through the engine, it picks up metal fragments within the engine, as well as dirt and debris that found their way into the engine. The longer the motor oil stays unfiltered, the thicker it gets and the more it loses its ability to properly lubricate the engine. When that happens, there's a lot of metal-to-metal contact without lubrication. That will wear out or destroy the components within the engine.

With a functioning oil filter in your Jaguar, the motor oil will stay clean until the next oil change (provided you follow the manufacturer recommend interval, of course).

How Does an Oil Filter Work?

When you start your car, the oil pump instantly sucks the motor oil from the pan and then pumps it into the engine, but not without running the oil through the oil filter. When the oil runs through the filter, the centrifugal pleated material inside spins as it filters the dirt and particles out of the oil. By the time the oil makes it into the engine, it's much cleaner than it was before it went through the oil filter.

How Often Does an Oil Filter Need to be Changed?

OEM filter

Typically, an oil filter needs to be replaced every 3k-5k miles. It's common to change the oil filter every time you change the oil in your car. You should periodically check your oil to see if the oil filter is still doing its job. If the oil looks bad, it might be time to change the oil and the oil filter. The good news is it's easy to change the oil filter. You just have to unscrew the old one, pull it out, and then screw in the new one.

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